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GiveWiki is a market for …

AI safety projects

Are you an independent researcher or someone launching a new AI safety venture? Your fundraising goal is < $100,000 for now?

We score donors by their track record of finding early-stage high-impact projects such as yours. A good donation track record signal-boosts the projects that they support. You’ll be discovered by more donors, which can snowball into greater and greater success.

Just publish your project to start fundraising. Onboard your donors and ask them to register their donations and express their support.

Project scouts & regrantors

Are you an experienced donor or grantmaker? Do you want to leverage some of the $250,000 donation budget of the donors we have waiting for you?

Scout out and signal-boost the best projects! You get a “donor score” based on your track record, and the higher your score, the greater your boost to the projects you support. You will leverage your expertise for follow-on donations, getting the projects funded faster.

Get your top projects to join the platform and register your past and present donations.

Donors & funders

Do you want to donate to funding-constrained AI safety projects and grow the ecosystem but don’t know where to start?

Project scouts find speculative, potentially spectacular projects! We make their diverse, specialized knowledge accessible to you. Follow our top scouts, tap into their wisdom, and boost the impact of your donations or grants.

The scouts are just getting started. Meanwhile please register your interest in this 1-minute survey to give them an incentive!

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Dawn Drescher

Building markets for nonexcludable goods.


Just writing things down so I can read (or link to) my thoughts down the road.